Austin Epoxy Floors

Austin Epoxy Floors

 Since 1999

   For a "Full Broadcast"  Granitex color chip floor with clear topcoat.
This includes a base/primer coat, 100% coverage of chips, followed by a clear, fuel & impact resistant topcoat of clear 100% solids epoxy.    This is the best epoxy flooring system in existence.  We diamond grind the entire floor, which opens the pores allowing the epoxy to soak in for a superior bond.  This is recommended by all quality epoxy manufacturers.


High quality at a fair price.                                          Check Preferred, Cash, Credit

10 year warranty.                                              Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

No Up-selling.  I have one price for the best commercial

grade epoxy system available designed to last 25+ years.

I do not collect sales tax.

                                  Color Chip Flooring Prices                                       

1 car garage $1700 minimum charge.

Average 2 car garage of 400 square feet  $2,640

  Average 3 car garage of 600 square feet $3,780

 Average oversized 3 car / 4 car garage of 800 sq/ft $4800

(price is based per square foot, I can measure)

400-500 sq/ft is $6.60 per sq/ft

500-600 sq/ft is $6.30 per sq/ft

600+ sq/ft is $6.00 per sq/ft

Additional charge for removal of existing epoxy.

$1.00-$3.00 per sq/ft

Additional charge for crack chasing and filling.

$25 per tube of sanded epoxy filler



Included is a 10 Year Warranty by Austin Epoxy, rest assured that if you have a problem we will be there.

We have been in business since 1999 and have seen many competitors come and go.  

Color chip floors always look clean.  Care with a damp mop, heavy cleaning
with Mr.Clean diluted with water.  For heavy spot or stain cleaning, wipe with a soft rag and denatured alcohol