Austin Epoxy Floors

Austin Epoxy Floors

 Since 1999

   For a "Full Broadcast"  Granitex color chip floor with two (2) clear,  2-part polyurethane epoxy topcoats.
This includes a base/primer coat of E550, 100% coverage of chips, followed by 2 clear, fuel & impact resistant topcoats of Polyurethane 100 with UVR.    This is the best epoxy flooring system in existence.  We also diamond grind the entire floor, allowing the epoxy to soak in, for a superior bond.  This is recommended by all quality epoxy manufacturers.


High quality at a fair price.                                  Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

10 year warranty.                                                                 Check, Cash, Square Accepted

No Up-selling.  I have one price for the best commercial

grade 3-coat epoxy system available designed to last 25+ years.

I do not collect sales tax.

                                  Color Chip Flooring Prices                                       

Average 2 car garage of 400 square feet  $2,200

  Average 3 car garage of 600 square feet $3,000

 Average oversized 3 car / 4 car garage of 800 sq/ft $4,000 

(price is based per square foot, I can measure)

400-500 sq/ft is $5.50 per sq/ft

500-600 sq/ft is $5.25 per sq/ft

600+ sq/ft is $5 per sq/ft


This APF epoxy system is designed to last 25+ years as stated by the manufacturer.


Included is a 10 Year Warranty by Austin Epoxy, rest assured that if you have a problem we will be there.

We have been in business since 1999 and have seen many competitors come and go.  

Color chip floors always look clean.  Care with a damp mop, heavy cleaning
with Mr.Clean diluted with water.  Heavy spot or stain cleaning, wipe with a rag and denatured alcohol

We use Arizona Polymers epoxy.  
"Arizona Polymer Flooring now celebrates 25 years of quality manufacturing. They focus on high performance flooring products and systems using advanced polymer chemistry. They have formulated

a wide variety of products based on epoxy, epoxy polyurethane and epoxy acrylic technology."