Austin Epoxy Floors

Austin Epoxy Floors

 Since 1999

Our Process--Your Investment:


25+ year floor system

3 Day Installation with 2 additional days to cure. (24 hours to walk on, 48 hours to drive on)

4 coat system consisting of base/primer coat, chip coat, and 2 clear coats.

Day 1-- 7:30am for 3-6 hours

            First we diamond grind the entire surface to open the pores.
            This allows the epoxy to soak into the concrete achieving a superior bond.

            Diamond grinding is recommended by all quality epoxy manufacturers. 

            We never acid wash.

           Vacuum and Clean up.

           Patch cracks and fill holes with sanded quick-dry epoxy crack filler (5 minute dry time).
           Apply solid color base/primer coat by Arizona Polymers.  E550 100% solids 2-part epoxy.
           Broadcast chips into wet epoxy, 300% coverage (full broadcast).

           You do not need to be present during installation, I will control the garage door manually.

           Allow to dry overnight.

Day 2-- 2pm for 3-4 hours

            Shave off loose chips and buff smooth.
            Apply first coat of P100, a 2-part polyurethane epoxy with UVR. Allow to dry overnight.

Day 3-- 4pm for 1.5 hours

             Apply a 2nd coat of P100 with UVR.

             Allow to dry 24 hours to walk to walk on and 48 hours to drive on.

This APF epoxy system is designed to last 25+ years as stated by the manufacturer.

Included is a 10 Year Warranty by Austin Epoxy, rest assured that if you have a problem we will be there.

We have been in business since 1999 and have seen many competitors come and go.  

Color chip floors hide dirt and look cleaner.  Care with a damp mop, for heavy cleaning use Mr.Clean diluted with water.  For heavy spot or stain cleaning, wipe with a soft rag and denatured alcohol.

We use Arizona Polymers epoxy.  
"Arizona Polymer Flooring now celebrates 25 years of quality manufacturing. They focus on high performance flooring products and systems using advanced polymer chemistry. They have formulated

a wide variety of products based on epoxy, epoxy polyurethane and epoxy acrylic technology."

Polyurethane 100

This is what we use.

Polyurethane 100 is a two component, high solids aliphatic polyurethane. This product offers a remarkable combination of performance properties not found in other polymer coatings. Polyurethane 100 produces protective films which are hard, flexible and very impact resistant. These coatings feature high abrasion and scratch resistance, exterior durability, easy soil release and excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals. For exterior applications, a U.V. stabilizer package is incorporated to insure long term chalk resistance and gloss retention. A special accelerator is available when rapid project turnaround is required.

Polyurethane 100 has been designed as a high performance top coat in various protective coating and seamless flooring applications. It provides maximum cleanability and stain resistance when used as a finish coat in color chip flooring or epoxy-quartz flooring. This coating is ideally suited for clean-room floors, automotive repair facilities, aircraft hangars and other high wear areas requiring resistance to fuels and chemicals. When used as a finish coat in wall coating systems, anti-graffiti properties are greatly enhanced.

Polyaspartic 7500   

Our competitors may offer Polyaspartic, which is designed to only last 10 years, and this

is stated on the polyaspartic manufacturers website.  The only advantages are same day installation

and faster cure time.  The disadvantage is that it dries too fast, causing installation imperfections,  especially on a hot day.