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Austin Epoxy Floors

Austin Epoxy Floors

 Since 1999

Our Process--Your Investment:


25+ year floor system

3 Day Installation with 2 additional days to cure. (24 hours to walk on, 48 hours to drive on)

4 coat system consisting of base/primer coat, chip coat, and 2 clear coats.

Day 1-- for 3-6 hours

            First we diamond grind the entire surface to open the pores.
            This allows the epoxy to soak into the concrete achieving a superior bond.

            Diamond grinding is recommended by all quality epoxy manufacturers. 

            We never acid wash.

           Vacuum and Clean up.

           Patch cracks and fill holes with sanded quick-dry epoxy crack filler (5 minute dry time).
           Apply solid color base/primer coat. 
           Broadcast chips into wet epoxy, 300% coverage (full broadcast).

           Allow to dry overnight.

Day 2-- for 3-4 hours

            Shave off loose chips and buff smooth.
            Apply a coat of clear Polyaspartic epoxy.

Day 3-- for 1-2 hours

             Apply a 2nd coat of clear Polyaspartic epoxy.

             You do not need to be present during installation, I will control the garage door manually.

             Allow to dry 24 hours to walk to walk on and 48 hours to drive on.

             Add 1-2 extra days in cold weather.

This  epoxy system is designed to last 25+ years as stated by the manufacturer.

Included is a 10 Year Warranty by Austin Epoxy, rest assured that if you have a problem we will be there.

We have been in business since 1999 and have seen many competitors come and go.  

Color chip floors hide dirt and look cleaner.  Care with a damp mop, for heavy cleaning use Mr.Clean diluted with water.  For heavy spot or stain cleaning, wipe with a soft rag and denatured alcohol.



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